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Controversial essay topics are issues that spark a heated debate Bryce Love Jersey , and provoke a confrontation concerning the subject of interest. With this type of topic, people have strong yet distinct opinions on the matter, which can lead to disputes and arguments. Controversial topics tend to be very polarized, and often have supporters that are very adamant about which side they support and why.

Good controversial essay topics are widely talked about issues and are of huge interest to people from all walks of life. There are several categories in which you can choose your topic from. Here are a few examples of these categories to help you narrow down what topic will best suit your needs.

If you are writing your essay about politics or government, then a good suggestion may be the pros and cons of repealing the 22nd amendment to the Constitution. This amendment states that the president of the USA cannot server for than two four-year terms. If you are supporting the repeal Terry McLaurin Jersey , you could use the argument that in a true democracy it should be up to the voter's to decide if they want someone to serve more than 8 years in office and that by limiting the number of years they can serve is infringing on the right to vote of the American people. On the other side of the argument, you could say that 8 years in office is plenty of time for one person to accomplish their agenda and that 4 more years in office may lead to a dictatorial style of government.

There is plenty of controversy around the use of standardized testing scores as a requirement for admissions to college. You could ask the question, "Should the use of these scores be abolished?" You could argue that major universities have made the use of test score optional, as these scores do not give an accurate assessment of the student. Another option is to suggest that schools make the standardized test optional, and focus more on the extra curricular activities and community service that the student participates in.

Controversial essay topics concerning cloning and stem cell research are always a hot topic Montez Sweat Jersey , and can provoke a very strong opinion from people on both sides of the matter. So a good topic for an essay may be "Should the government fund research for cloning and stem cell research?" An essay on this subject would most likely be in the pro and con format and provide information about both sides of the argument. In support of the topic, you could say that what scientists are discovering in their research can help doctors repair damaged nerves and body parts that they are helpless to fix at this point in time. On the con side of things, this type of research is expensive, immoral, and eventually leads to gene manipulation of human embryos in order to make a more perfect child.

These are just a few suggestions on where to begin your controversial essay topics list. The topic you choose will depend on the audience in which you are writing your essay. Be prepared for any opposition you may receive from the topic of your essay. Make sure you have a strong argument to back you side of the topic; no matter what topic you chose to explore. Do not just say the topic is good or bad; you need to back this up with facts and statistics.Stucco has a long history as a building material Dwayne Haskins Jersey , used extensively throughout the western world and the Middle East for exterior and interior wall construction. It was also used for decoration in both homes and great buildings such as cathedrals and mosques. Basically a mix of an aggregate (mainly sand), a binder such as lime or cement, and water, it can be smooth or textured and makes a weather-resistant, durable surface.

The original mix of lime Wholesale Redskins Hats , sand, and water has given way to ones that use cement as the main binder. Lime is still used as an additive, as it allows the covering to 'breathe' and helps seal small cracks. Newer forms may incorporate acrylics or glass fibers for added flexibility and durability. This surfacing may be applied directly over cinder block or brick and also used over wood frame for attractive and low maintenance exteriors. Inside, it can be painted or covered with wallpaper or used alone if an integral color is added to the mix at the factory.

To make stucco cling to underlying wood frame construction, lath made of wood or a metal mesh is attached to the exterior before the base coat is applied. The material Wholesale Redskins Hoodies , which goes on wet, will bind to the supporting structure as the first coat. Wooden framing is protected by asphalt treated felt or paper, which shields the wood from the moisture of the uncured plastering.

The three-step process includes the first coat, followed after a drying period by a second coat called the 'brown layer', which provides a smooth surface for the final finish. This additional layer will also need to cure slowly for a period of a week or more Wholesale Redskins Shirts , not being allowed to dry too quickly at first. The process of drying, or curing, goes on until all shrinking and the resultant cracking is done.

The final coat is then applied. Many of the finishes have the color integrated at the factory, which means that there is no need for painting either at the time of installation or in the future. If desired, the stucco may be painted with a cement-based formula Wholesale Redskins Jerseys , which does not interfere with the vapor permeability of the stucco. It is important for both the stucco and the interior of the house that the finish not be a complete seal that will trap moisture in the construction materials.

As the surface dries, it becomes hard and brittle. Acrylic added to the mix makes the covering less likely to chip and crack. The siding can have an 'old world' look, being very smooth, or can be 'floated' to allow the sand to show on the surface. It can also be sanded for an extra slick surface or troweled for the swirls and stippling often seen on interior ceilings or home exteriors.

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